Quality in Higher Education

Of of strategic priorities is of the national strategy on edcation is that of ensuring a quality higher education with basic theoretical and practical training, in teaching and research, in line with international standards of the European Higher Education Area. This involves a) improving the quality of higher education institutions through accreditation of public universities and private HEIs until 2020; b) increasing the inspection frequency of HEIs by 50% until 2020 through upgraded technical and infrastructure capacity of the monitoring bodies (MES and PAAHE); c) improving the legal framework governing external quality assurance; d) enhancing public transparency through publication of an annual activity report and an annual financial report by all public and non-public HEIs; e) supporting quality improvement by providing financial support until 2020 to averagely 2 projects from each public HEI with direct beneficiaries being 20% of the students of these projects; and train all full-time academic staff in public universities with new teaching methods; f) strengthening international cooperation of HEIs by increasing: the Excellence Fund by 5% year-on-year as well as the number of students supported by this fund; the number of applications to the FP7 research programmes by 25%; the number of Diaspora researchers scientists benefiting from mobility and brain gain programmes by 30%.